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Bloom's Taxonomy

About This Course

This topic discusses different aspects such as fundamentals of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its importance in the 1st module. Its linkage to learning outcomes and the relevance in the next module. The three domains of learning – knowledge, skill and attitude are discussed separately in the subsequent modules. There is a separate module dedicated for the discussion of the hierarchies of each domain. The action verbs to be used, examples and few cases are also discussed and participants are encouraged to try and write the LO’s for the courses they teach. The research paper on Research on Competencies and Attitudes Assessment of students is discussed in a separate module to drive home the fact that writing and using LO’s in the class room takes learners from low order thinking skills to high order thinking skills. How to write LO’s for the program and courses is described along with the differences between the two. SMART LO’s creating is an art as well as science and it is explained in one of the modules. Course and Faculty Surveys by the students for achievement of LO's in discussed in module 9. Last module is on digital Bloom’s taxonomy keeping in tune with changing times and the need of 21st century. The modules have many cases, scenarios and examples discussed to get mastery of writing useful and effective LO’s by the trained faculty.

Course Staff

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Dr BG Nagavi
Former Dean- Pharmacy College, RAKMHS University, UAE

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